Cultivator combinations TITAN & HERKULES

Stubble cultivation

Our cultivator combinations are 4-bar equipment of the "BODEN-profi" series, with a frame made of fine-grained steel, with turned spring tines or with spring overload safety devices…

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Disc harrows BIG-DISC & TERRA-DISC

Basic soil preparation

The trailed X-shaped disc harrow for stubble cultivation and for preparing the soil before sowing is available in working widths from 4 to 12 metres.

Serrated discs, 8 mm thick an…

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Seedbed combinations CERES

Seedbed preparation

The combination of several implements, such as levelling, harrowing and consolidating, ensures soil-friendly seedbed preparation while reducing operating costs by reducing the numbe…

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Short disc harrow COMPACT-DISC

Stubble cultivation and light tillage

The new compact and trailed short disc harrow is designed for stubble cultivation and light tillage. During its development, the focus was on achieving full-surfac…

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Manure disc harrow INJECT-DISC

Slurry incorporation

The mounted disc harrow with a slurry spreader is used for the incorporation of slurry in the stubble field. Toothed discs with a diameter of 510 mm are mounted on the hydraulic fo…

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